The next service, we are pleased to present, we are providing softgel capsule in bulk that import from New Zealand. Our contract manufacturer have a reputation for quality as entire manufacturing operation is regulated by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and Food Safety Programme.

Soft capsule from New Zealand

Advantage of Softgel capsule

  • Absorbed directly and swiftly.
  • No dissolving course.
  • Accurate content weight.
  • High bioavailability.
  • Stable and low moisture absorbing.
  • Good airtight, masking the disagreeable taste of drugs.
  • Easy carrying and nice looking can be made at will into various attractive shapes.

As for the shape of capsule, we can provide you in the three figure as follows ;


ѹ 1000 mg.
Եѳôѹ 3 վ ͪ
1 ᤻ :
ѹ 1000.0 .
  › ô⤫ྐྵԡ (վ) 180.0 .
  › ô⤫Ρԡ (ͪ) 120.0 .
ԵԹ 4.7 .

Product List

Fish Oil 18/12 1000 mg (5iu E)
Fish Oil 500 mg + EPO 500 mg
Fish Oil (300/200) 1000 mg
Evening Primrose Oil (10% GLA) 1000 mg
(1.2iu E)
Cod liver Oil 1000 mg
Cod Liver Oil 500 mg